Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our last day in NYC

We spent a fantastic week in NYC this summer, an urban vacay while we awaited the little one's arrival (he came an entire week and two false alarms later, but whose keeping track).
Our last day in the City we took the girls to one of their favorite destinations, The American Girl Place, for tea and a present of their choice - which was from the baby. Molly choose to get a new doll, Rebecca, and Kelly also choose to get a new doll, Josephina. Everyone was happy.

Feeding the animals at the zoo

Pics of our trip to the central park zoo

Pre-Aaron, pregnant as can be, I took the girls to the Central Park Zoo. It was 95 degrees, and though it could have gone the other way, we all had a really, really fun day.

Mo' pics of baby Aaron "I speak for Moses" Cole

Aaron may have spoke for Moses, but Aaron's big sisters love to speak for their baby brother, "Mom, Mom? The baby totally wants to watch TV." Or, "Mom, Mom he really wants to go outside. To the playground. Now."
Aaron likes to sleep, but not at night.

Aaron likes to sleep, but not in his crib, in his car seat from Spencer. With his stuffed Stegasaurus.

Aaron likes the latest fashions:
... and his baseball shoes!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Brothers

My older brother L.E.S.ter suggested on his blog that my newborn son looks like Wallace Shawn. Now of course every time I look at my baby all I see is this:

Instead of this:
What do you think? Is Aaron a Wallace look-alike? Do I need to get him a pair of glasses for a true comparison?

Monday, August 17, 2009

When the baby came home

Molly: Can we pet the baby now?

Mom: Sure, you can "pet" the baby.

Kelly: Uh, Mom?

Mom: Yes, honey?

Kelly: Um, why do you still look pregnant?

Big News at Big City Mom

Life in the big city just got a little bigger! Big City Mom (who never really admits she now lives outside the City) is now the proud mother of a baby boy, Aaron, who was born Saturday at 8:01am in the heart of Manhattan.

If anyone wants some guesses of how he might grow-up, here are some like-named folks whose footsteps he can follow: The Photographer, The Under-Achiever, The Hollywood Producer, The Web Developer, The Attorney, The Cool Teenager, and my personal favorite: The Animated Poser.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For those of you following BCM News at home.....

no baby. still. it is too hot to be this pregnant.