Monday, June 21, 2010

We're Moving to the Garden State!

That's right, Big City Mom and her family are headed to New Jersey. Just when you thought we couldn't get any less Big City then living in Westchester, we really up our un-City-ness by moving to Jersey. (In terms of miles from Manhattan, the new house is about the same as our current one).

For those of you unaccustomed to finding out major Big City Mom news via Blog, my apologizes.
For those of you used to it, my apologizes just the same.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

End of the School Year Melancholy

The end of the school year always makes me sad in a schmaltzy, sentimental way. Which is hilarious, since I tend to hate everything about my role in the kids schooling. I hate the driving back-n-forth in the ridiculous traffic and pick-up lines. I hate the whole being-on-a-schedule and must-be-on-time thing. I hate making lunch day in and day out. And most of all, I hate having to nag Molly to do her homework.

But with a mere few days left, it's as if I'm someone else. It's as if I loved everything about school. I can't believe tomorrow is my last Friday Volunteer day in Kelly's class! I can't believe Molly will never, ever bring home another first grade art project! And what I really can't believe is that this fall I will have a Kindergartner and a Second-grader.

I know this is hardly an original thought, but it is so true, they really do grow-up so fast.