Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where should we go first on our New York journey?

The choices are endless in an endless-if-24-is-the-new-infinity kind of way. I am inclined to do one of the easier locations first, but no reason why we can't try to do one of the more difficult to reach places, or one of the harder to document landmarks. Some places have changed more than others since the book's publication over 80 years ago.

A few options are in a poll, but let me know other ideas you have about where the girls and I should head in our first stop from Up & Down New York!


kwolph said...

I looked around for the poll you mentioned towards the end of your blog but could not find it. Is it up yet or did I miss something? I represent the New York Kids Club in Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights and just wanted to state that I think this is an absolutely wonderful way to connect with your children through education.

Advise on where to go: I think in reality, your first locations will really go with how much time you have in the day. For longer days when you have alot of energy, I would go with the Public Library because one can easily be distracted for hours in there. Even if you have been there many times--with the book, something old will feel new again. Other places like Grand Central Station may be shorter trips because of hustle and bustle of everyone around you. Good Luck with your endeavors!

New York City Mom said...

Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful post. I'm not sure where the poll disappeared to, but it's up now if you'd like to vote. Thanks for visiting!

kwolph said...

Thanks for the update. I did take a moment to vote. I'm the lonely Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I have a little sister around the age of 12 and that is where I would take her first, just to get a taste of a different culture. I have interned for an event planning company company in college and I'm telling you kids love hotels! There is so much to look at that has has everything to do with the structure and history of the hotel. Glad to have helped!

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