Friday, June 13, 2008

Who knew my relocation could be so polarizing?

I've posted a new poll focused yet again on where my little family should move. The prior poll had no Brooklyn option (since I would never live there) and no stay on the Upper West Side option (because if that was an option there wouldn't be all this talk of moving). However, since I like to be considerate of all the points of views held by the (few) readers of my blog, here's a new poll with both the Brooklyn and stay put options.
I'll just be happy if more than one person votes and if I get at least as many votes in the poll as I get in protest votes.


Skramly said...

Can we vote more than once?

New York City Mom said...

I wish you could, but I didn't select that option when I set-up the poll, so you can only vote once. Thanks for voting and visiting B.C.M.!

Anonymous said...

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