Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bristol Palin: All Day, All the Time

Let me just admit, despite having about 1 million things to do, what with moving to a new town, not driving even one little bit, needing to enroll both my kids in school, and unpack an entire house-worth of home-stuff, I spend all of my waking moments, plus some moments usually spent sleeping re-purposed to waking, just so I can read all I can find on Bristol Palin. First, it was my incredible interest in the purported mother-daughter baby-swap, then once that was debunked, I shifted my interest to her singularly teenaged pregnant self. As soon as all of that information was suitably ingested, today I find myself inordinately interested in her hot - albeit redneck - boyfriend, his "country gal" mother, and the rest of their Alaskan backwoods world.
If ever a TV show had sweeps winner written all-over-it, it is the Bristol Palin Story. Set my DVR, I don't want to miss an episode!

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