Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Larchmont Halloween

Some people's houses were impressive....

...but the highlight of the night was going to Franklin's house:
Anna (to Franklin's mom, when she opens the door): Molly and Kelly insisted that the house they wanted to go to the most was Franklin's!
Franklin's mom: Isn't that sweet! I don't know where Franklin is right now, or I'd have him come say hello... honey (yells to husband) do you know where Franklin is?
Husband: I'm not sure, I think he might have gone up the street...
Mike: Hi, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you. Are Franklin and Molly in the same class?
Molly and Kelly: Daddy!!!!! Franklin's a cat!!!!!
Mike: Oh.
After Franklin's house, the second highlight of the night was... CANDY!

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