Monday, October 5, 2009

They really should make a woof translator

Today, Kelly and I were taking a scenic stroll along the streets of Larchmont when we saw a lady walking two small and very cute dogs. Kelly and I both smiled at the sweet lil dogs.
And I said, "I love those kinds of dogs. I think they're French Bulldogs." And Kelly said, "So, they speak French?"
I immediately cracked-up.
Then I felt badly. I shouldn't laugh at a child's naivete I reminded myself sternly, and engaged Kelly in several minutes of inane banter about how French Bulldog referred to where the dogs' ancestors came from many years ago, and that these dogs lived here now, so they spoke the same language as their owners, and then I even threw in an example to illustrate my point that English sheepdogs spoke the language of whatever country they happened to be living in and not necessarily English, because again, the English referred to their place of origin and not what language they spoke.
Then Kelly asked, quite seriously, "Mommy, how does an English sheepdog living in France say "Woof" in French?
And I say it's the same as English - "Woof." And Kelly says, "But that is how those French bulldog just said it, so they are talking in French, like I said."
And I very quickly realized that I probably shouldn't have laughed in the first place. Kelly was right - I have no idea if French bulldogs speak French or English. Why did I think it was silly to think the French Bulldogs spoke French, and I had to be so condescending that they obviously spoke English!
So, I ask, does anyone have an accurate translation of "Woof" so I can settle this once and for all?


Skramly said...

New York City Mom said...

fascinating! now i can tell kelly it is 'ouah, ouah' in french.

or, molly's response when i asked her, "they talk dog. it's its own language."