Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I forgot the baby!

I always worry this will happen, and this morning it did. I was racing around the house, trying to remember everything, reminding Molly what she needed for school on this first day back from spring vacation and asking Kelly ever so nicely if she could please put on a dress or even a tee-shirt over her ever-present bathing suit. Then it was the looking for the shoes, and the sweatshirts, and the arguing over whether they needed a coat if it was going to be 75 degrees later (their argument) or if they needed at least a light sweater because it was only 48 degrees now (my argument). Throw in a heated debate on what exactly constitutes the public schools "closed toe" policy on footwear, and we were on our way. Another lengthy discussion about whose turn it was to sit where, and we were off. Two girls secure in their car seats, one mom at the driver's wheel. I pulled into the school drop off line, said "'Bye Molly! See you after school!" And she replied with her usual, "'Bye mom! 'Bye Kelly! 'Bye Aaron!" Only this time this sentence followed: "Mom! Aaron isn't here!" I tried to stay calm as I said "Don't worry, he's just at home."
Meanwhile I drove home as lickity-split as a person can when they realize they have a six-month-old home alone, and not even necessarily secured in a play pen or stroller. And to make matters worse, because I was so distraught even though school is only half-a-mile away I kept making wrong turn after wrong turn and ended up completely lost. And right when I thought to myself, I am never going to find my house..... I woke up.


Skramly said...

Whew! But was the part about Kelly wearing a bathing suit to school true? Oh, I hope it's true.

Big City Mom said...

kelly is allowed - and does - wear her bathing suit 85% of the time we take molly to school. she is not allowed - and does - wear her bathing suit when she is going to school about 15% of the time.