Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good News, and Some Bad News

Ok, I've got some good news -and bad news- to share with all the other members of the toddler poetry community (TPCers) First, the good news - we've been added to someone's blog roll!!!!!! It's called Eye on the Prize, looks like it is by a writer living in New York, who goes to a lot of restaurants. He has some cool photos up, so you should check it out. And it's really exciting that this really cool blog is linking to me, of all the blogs out there. I can't believe it!!! I never thought this little blog would get so big, but it has. YAY!!!

Now, here's the bad news. Our description is "never undated blog." CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????

So please, please, please everyone take a minute to go to Eye on the Prize at and leave a comment (or two!) that we are not NEVER updated. We are RARELY updated! And, then we'll get that changed to SOMETIMES updated! Then, to frequently, practically often! Or even fairly often!

So, everyone, let's go!!!! We can do it!!!! GO TPCers!!!!!!!!!!

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l.e.s.ter said...

Okay, my server is down because I've gotten SO MANY comments from your readership. The masses have spoken! The blogger roll has been updated. Can't wait to read more posts!