Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update for all the TPCers out there - you will not believe this!

You are not going to believe what happened today! So, even though I was set to resume poetry education for my two- and four-year-old on Monday, I thought I'd treat them to a little vacation poetry while we are away this weekend. So, as we're walking out the door this morning, I say, "girls you can pick-out a poetry book to bring on vacation." Now, I'm expecting a little debate, perhaps even consternation, as they try and choose between the Ginsberg, Dickinson, Auden and Nash they both love so much, but instead Molly says: "Oh no, no... I don't want any poetry on vacation."

I was floored. What toddler does not want to read poetry on vacation? So, I was going to have a special vacation poem installment, but it looks like we will need to wait until Monday for our regular poem of the day.

So I just want to ask all you TCPers out there - how this ever happened to you? Is it really possible for a toddler not to want to read poetry? I'm interested to hear if this has happened to anyone.

And BTW, our vacation is FANTASTIC. So maybe Molly was right, we could live without our daily dose of poetry for a few days.

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