Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some interesting developments

ok, so i just added a 'blog roll' to the blog! hurray for progress! thanks so much to AVL (aka EotP) for encouraging us to take on this feat. we did it!

and, in doing this, stumbled across something perhaps even more fascinating... the "person" helping me put up the blog roll (a blogger in his own right too!) thinks this blog about toddler poetry lessons is not as good as my "other" blog, which is about trying to teach my dumb-ass (yet loveable) husband not to be such a clown.

So, I'll let my readers decide do you like my other blog, instructions for mike, more or less than this one? you can comment here or there (you can comment anywhere)

I'll tally the votes and let you know the winner in the next few days.


l.e.s.ter said...

Great post!! So much is going on! It's tough asking us to choose between TPC and IFM. They're my two favorite blogs in the world! I guess I'll take IFM. What a jerk that guy is! But that blog is sure schooling him. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hands down, the better read is IFM. No contest. Reading IFM makes me happy I'M not married to Mike.